Yotako Freehand Canvas

Convert your drawings into mobile apps and websites.
"Because everybody can draw."

Create mobile apps and websites from paper in real-time

At Yotako we help designers and developers to translate whatever the design is (Sketch, Photoshop, Balsamiq, ...) into ready to use source code that developers can use to finish the mobile application or website for their customers.

But some of our customers were not really able to design by themselves. They either rely on designers or use paper to sketch things quickly along with their clients.

That's why we decided to listen to their needs and create Yotako Freehand Canvas. Yotako Freehand Canvas is an online paper sheet where you can draw your application with you mouse.

Whatever you draw it is automatically converted to a real application that reflects your design. This is possibly the best way to communicate with your clients, to prototype with them in real-time. And because Yotako Freehand Canvas is online, both you and your customers can be in any part of the world while discussing and prototyping online.

And of course it works with any tablets or touch devices of your choice.

Yotako Freehand Canvas Features

  • - Our real-time freehand to code technology is based in our state of the art sketches recognition algorithms that allow designers and creatives to better express themselves by converting freehand sketches into real mobile apps and websites. You draw, the system renders.
  • - It is the fastest algorithm in the world!
  • - Comes with a default set of recognizable sketches (common widgets like buttons, textfields, images, etc.)
  • - Easy customize with new sketches
  • - Support for translating, rotating and scaling sketches
  • - Support for composed sketches
  • - Already integrated within Yotako technology, meaning fast real-time online previews directly from sketches; compatible with all Yotako supported languages (Swift, HTML/CSS, Android, Objective-C, ...)
  • - Reacts to touch screens
  • - Works in any type of device
  • - Adjustable precision for smart detection

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