Everyone is different. Your code is the result of your creativity, your experience and the technologies you use. As a developer you master a huge set of technologies, libraries and frameworks. Yotako understands this and helps you to improve your development with features designed by developers for developers.


Designers tend to use different tools with different workflows and as a developer it is not always easy to deal with all of them. Yotako intends to support the most used design tools in the world. You can import one of the following design files into Yotako so Yotako can help you develop your application from design to code.

Yotako supports many different design tools.

Adobe XD (.xd)

Yotako supports XD files from Adobe XD. You can drop your Adobe XD designs in your Yotako dashboard or use Yotako via the official Yotako plugin for Adobe XD. We provide useful guidelines so you can make sure your web and mobile applications look completely professional.

Take a look at the official plugin for Adobe XD. if you prefer to use Yotako from withing your favorite design tool.

Adobe XD Plugin for Yotako.

Adobe Photoshop (.psd)

Yotako supports PSD files from Adobe Photoshop. Yotako perfectly understands all the details, layers and fonts. We even provide useful guidelines so you can make sure your web and mobile applications look completely professional.

Take a look at some examples.

From a Photoshop PSD file to iOS and Android.

Balsamiq (.bmpr)

Balsamiq is the tool that you prefer to wireframe quickly by yourself? As developers we often use wireframes to discuss directly with customers. If you use Balsamiq, Yotako will help you to produce professional web and mobile applications from wireframes in a couple of minutes (see some examples.)

Have a look at our guildelines for an easy start with Balsamiq.

Balsamiq design of the Spotify application.

Sketch (.sketch)

Sketch is everything you need? Sketch is coming soon so let's keep in touch and be among the first ones to take advantage of it.


If you don't know how to use any of the previous design tools, don't worry, try our new Yotako Freehand Canvas and start drawing on our virtual paper!

  • - Our real-time freehand to code technology is based in our state of the art sketches recognition algorithms that allow designers and creatives to better express themselves by converting freehand sketches into real mobile apps and websites. You draw, the system renders.
  • - It is the fastest algorithm in the world!
  • - Comes with a default set of recognizable sketches (common widgets like buttons, textfields, images, etc.)
  • - Easy customize with new sketches
  • - Support for translating, rotating and scaling sketches
  • - Support for composed sketches
  • - Already integrated within Yotako technology, meaning fast real-time online previews directly from sketches; compatible with all Yotako supported languages (Swift, HTML/CSS, Android, Objective-C, ...)
  • - Reacts to touch screens
  • - Works in any type of device
  • - Adjustable precision for smart detection

More information in the Yotako Freehand Canvas page


Web & mobile development are professional activities requiring a great deal of experience, knowledge and creativity. Yotako empowers your development by freeing you of the most boring and time-consuming tasks that all front-end and mobile developers deal with when starting to code.

Today you can select one of the following librairies or framework for your mobiles applications:


Sometimes you need to rely on pure HTML/CSS. That's why Yotako can provide you with a nice HTML/CSS translation of your design with the following features:

  • - NO absolute position at all
  • - CSS Flex support
  • - Beautified code
  • - Assets management (images, webfonts, etc.)
  • - Support for complex overlaps and layouts

iOS - Swift

If Swift is your preferred flavor for iOS mobile applications, Yotako provides you with professional Swift results. Moreover, you will get a ready to use Xcode project so you just open it and start crafting code in the smoothiest way possible.

Xcode project from an Adobe Photoshop PSD design.

iOS - Objective C

Fan of Objective-C? Do not worry, Yotako can handle it for you. You can tell Yotako that you prefer Objective-C instead of Swift and your project will be an exact replica in perfect Objective-C.


You can get a full Android Studio project ready to go in just a moment. Android projects include any kind of visual effect like gradients, rounded buttons and the like. Yotako creates all the necessary files and link all the views as any professional Android developer would do.

Android studio project directly from design.


You don't even need to compile, configure or deploy the code. Yotako already does all this for you and shows you a deployed version of the code online. This means that you can import a design, see the result and play with it, loop back to the design and so on. This is perfect for agile approaches and dynamic teams that don't want to waste any time and prefer to focus on the essence of the code.

Preview the result directly online.


Yotako works with your own habits and as such, you can just grab your code the exact way you want.

GitHub & Bitbucket

You already know GitHub and Bitbucket. You can choose any of them with your personal account or the professional account of your entreprise so all the code is private by default. On the contrary, if you are fine with open source as we are, you can use the Yotako account on GitHub (which is selected by default) to grab all your code from there.

Integrated support for GitHub and Bitbucket.


If for any reason you don't want to use an external provider, Yotako keeps you covered and you can directly download a zip file containing absolutely everything.


Let's get started and join the hottest community of front-end and mobile developers!