The magic story of Tako the octopus

Once upon a time in a land far away, web and mobile developers were struggling to develop great applications. They were so busy with the front-end of their applications that they didn’t have time to express their talent working on the application logic as they wanted to. Until one day, a little octopus named Tako decided that time has come to free developers from their routine tasks and let them put creativity back into their work.

Together with his team, Tako now fights days and nights to provide developers with the magic software they requested. From his impregnable fortress of Luxembourg, Tako works with developers from all around the world to achieve his life destiny: providing developers with a seamless transition from design to code.

We are hiring!

Yotako is the result of the collaboration of a multi-disciplinary team of passionate people. Based in Luxembourg, the startup gathers international contributors with top tech profiles, all enthusiastic to be part of this adventure.

If you want join the team of courageous and devoted octo-knights have a look at the offers below: